Investment Banking

Aggressive contacted us to develop the animation for graphics, tables and data as part of a Bloomberg commercial. Creating a really dynamic UI intefaces that complement the minimal and stylish 3d.
We enjoyed two weeks of creating Motion Graphics for UI, adjusting curves, transitions and breathing life into cold numbers.


Client: Bloomberg
Production Co / VFX: Aggressive

Executive Producer: Debbie Franchi
Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Storyboard Artist: Rolo Ledesma
Art Directors: Alex Mikhaylov, Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro,
Designers: Andrei Robu, Alex Mikhaylov, Maxim Chelyadnikov
3D Animation Lead: Alexander Sokolov
2D Animators: Tigrelab, Dan Shapiro
Render: Maxim Chelyadnikov
Compositors: Maxim Chelyadnikov, Dan Shapiro
Music / Sound Design: Wesley Slover
Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Jacob Fideal
Alex Palazzi