We are Tigrelab

We are a creative studio focused on developing experiences through powerful contents mixing design, scenography, interactivity and technology.
No matter the size of your idea and your canvas, we are up for the challenge.

Real Time Content

The world of generative graphics allows us to innovate our types of contents and our way of approaching big-scale multimedia pieces, like Virtual Production projects, Live Streaming Interactive Shows and Digital Immersive Spaces

What We Do

Storytelling is what we believe to be the strongest content generation tool.
It is the common thread among all of our different types of projects, platforms and formats.

Here you can find the featured projects we have been working on.

The Lab

Miscellaneous content, this is a window to some of our tests and experiments that are part of our every-day creation processes.

About us

Based in Poblenou, our studio is in the center of Barcelona’s industrial architecture, design and innovation neighborhood.
Always craving for the right prompts, our works echoes our creative environment.