Moving IMAGES are our passion. We take it very seriously while we laugh at ourselves at the same time.
We create content thinking of simple, striking and powerful solutions. No matter what the size or format of the screen is, our thirst for new, strange and foolish ways to tell stories is never-ending.
We love to experiment, mix and make mistakes, always collaborating with the best to achieve the best results.
We are passionate to jump on a project from the very first steps, from script, a pitch, style frames or visuals development; to the end result in motion graphics, live action, visual FX or 3D animation.
Always trying to go the extra mile to make an exceptional video for you and your clients. You name it, we love it.


Our ideas are made of LIGHT. And we love to fill the space with good ideas.
We like to move the motion graphics out of their comfort zone. That’s why we love so much working with the space. Mixing projection mapping with LED installations, DMX Lighting and others is our expertise. We are passionate about blending technology with the warm human factor in live performances or interactive experiences through generative graphics. Making unique and mind blowing shows for the audience.
We are always excited to mix technology, art and people.
No matter if it’s for a commercial event, an opening ceremony, concert or art installation. We have the experience and muscle to make it spectacular and unforgettable.