You Make Me Feel So Young

As part of Michael Bublé’s campaign for his album “To Be Loved”, Steam Motion asked us to make a video of Michael performing the classic song “You Make Me Feel So Young”.
In the video we see Michael walk through a stylized world, experiencing the joy of youth in the big city. During the middle of the song, Michael becomes a cartoon character and makes a journey around the city from the underground to the top of the skyscrapers before becoming real again at the end of the song.
For this project we were in charge from the style frames to the final animation. In this music video the signer was shoot in chroma on top of a green treadmill. The team from Steam London made an edit for the first teaser of the song. In Tigrelab we clean the chroma and created all the graphic environment to finally integrate the singer in this colorful world. The style and illustrations are a tribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age of musical films and actors such as Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire or Donald O’Connor.


Record Label: Reprise Records
Performed by: Michael Bublé
Production: Steam Motion and Sound
Creative Director at Steam Motion: Brett Sullivan
Direction, Art Direction and Animation: Tigrelab
Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Marie Negretti
Joan Molins
Alex Palazzi
Guillaume Caron