The amazing creative agency from New York, Hugo & Marie, asked us to work on the composition, motion design and animation for Kiesza’s video “Stronger”.
For this project, we teamed up with the talented illustrator Petra Börner under the creative direction of Mario Hugo to create this colorful project.
Tigrelab did all the post production work of the video: from the animation of Petra’s illustrations to cleaning Keisha’s chroma and integrate her on this colorful 2D graphic world.


Record Label: Republic Records
Production Company: The Weinstein Company
Performed by: Kiesza
Artist Manager: Scott Nagelberg / Crush Music
Video Commissioners: Kate Miller & Garrett Schaefer
Production Agency: Hugo & Marie

Director: Mario Hugo
Executive Producer: Jennifer Gonzalez
Producer: Masha Spaic
Production Assistants: Emily Buckner & Carmel Quinn
Cut Paper Illustration: Petra Börner
Director of Photography: Michael Belcher
Animation: Tigrelab
Animation Assistant: Johnny Lee
Assistant Art Directors: Lucie Gris & Ania Nowak
Assistant Design: Dan Hennessy
Wardrobe Styling: Lucie Gris
Hair & Makeup: Vanessa Jarman
Choreography: Ljuba Castot
Executive Editor: Jess Carfield
Animation Editor: Johnny Lee
Retouching: Meggen Burdick
Technical Color Grade: Nice Shoes
Final Color Grade: Matthew Schwab
Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Javier Pinto
Mathieu Felix

Javier Verdugo
Albert Oriol
Mariane Paoletti