Aggressive contacted us again to help them with the visual style and VFX for TV Commercial Shentel Power House.

The concept of the video was about empowering a house of a suburban neighbourhood with energy, making it alive. In this order, the guys from Aggressive shot the house with a drone out in Virginia. We used their raw brighter footage to model and texture a 3D house and relighted the shots to create this empowering effect. This 3D house was tracked to the color corrected footage and integrated with powerful animation effects.


Client: Shentel
Production and Direction: Aggressive
Tigrelab team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto
Dan Garotte
Borja Aguado
Felipe Kenji
Daniel Gómez
Andrea Stinga
Marcel Hita
Carlos Robles
Camila Araujo
Cesar Jun Kita