small town big sun

Small Town Big Sun


The agency Clementine au Bureau requested a video for a campaign to promote the use of solar energy in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Tigrelab got involved in the project from the very beginning, writing the script, storyboards and style frames to the final animation. 


  • Script
  • Arti Direction
  • Style Frames
  • CGI
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We designed this simple and fun characters based on solar panels. We brought them to life from scratch with very basic technics of 2D animation and a little touch of 3D in after effects.

Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_3
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_4
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_2
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_5
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_1
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_7
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_6
tigrelab_small town big sun
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_8
Small Town Big Sun_Tigrelab_9



Solar Swiss Connect


Clementine au Bureau

Direction and Animation



Creative Direction

Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Graphic Design

Marie Bres-Negretti


2D Animation

Guillaume Caron
Raquel Travé

3D Animation

Xevi Polo