Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production

Pernod Ricard 2021



The well-known French agency Auditoire contacted us to join them into the challenge of digitalization of Pernod Ricard‘s annual congress, usually held in the Embiez island in the South of France. In this 2021, it came with the need of being digital, making possible to gather more than 10,000 people virtually.
Tigrelab was in charge of the whole XR content for the Virtual Production plenary. We prepared 4 environments in real time in Unreal Engine, allowing each speaker to be in a different part of the (digital) island.
The 1:30 hour event was streamed world-wide to all Pernod Ricard’s employees, introducing a bigger project of an online platform that has been available for the whole month.


  • Art Direction
  • Virtual Production
  • Real-time Content
  • Augmented Reality
  • Set Extension
  • 3D Production
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 15
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 14
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 20
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 02
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 19
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 18
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 09
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 03

Design Process

We designed special environments inspired by the island’s vibes and the brand’s features, adding a surreal and artistic touch.

sketch pernod 01
Copia de 0572_Audiotoire_PR_Contenido_XR_v03
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 06
sketch Pernod 02
Copia de 2021_05_03_Auditoire_PR_PROPOSAL 4
Copia de 2021_05_03_Auditoire_PR_PROPOSAL
2021_05_03_Auditoire_PR_PROPOSAL 01
Copia de 2021_05_03_Auditoire_PR_PROPOSAL 02
Copia de 2021_05_03_Auditoire_PR_PROPOSAL 3
sketch Pernod 03

Integrated Keywords and Presentations

We designed each speech accurately, transforming key concepts into bold elements integrated in the 3D space.
Important notions were designed as bold Keywords both in the back LED and in AR, all easily editable and movable through just an external excel file.
In addition, presentations and videos were thought as panels appearing in retailed and dedicated spaces to visually support the speech.
Special effects enhanced the main elements and helped dividing the speech into sections. Among them, huge color wipes tinted the textures of our environments highlighting the «keyest» moments, mixing a full CG world with motion graphics languages, all triggered on cue.
Moreover, thanks to the AR and set extension we managed to create a layered 3D composition, achieving a greater integration of all elements, speaker included, all in camera.
On top of that, live feed was also integrated in some moments, giving the opportunity to have many people on stage, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

XR_Ricard_tigrelab (0-26-09-20)
XR_Ricard_tigrelab (0-30-56-16)
XR_Ricard_tigrelab (1-17-31-05)
Virtual_production_Ricard_tigrelab (0-06-48-22)
Virtual_production_Ricard_tigrelab (0-10-00-06)
Virtual_production_Ricard_tigrelab (0-12-21-23)
XR_Ricard_tigrelab (0-12-00-19)
XR_Ricard_tigrelab (0-39-01-03)
XR_Ricard_tigrelab (0-27-07-08)

Unreal Cinematic Transitions

We animated in Unreal full CG videos as curtains to transition smoothly from one speech to the next one. While one environment slowly deconstructs, we fly away to the poetic reveal of the next space, pausing on its details to then admire it as a whole.

Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 24
UNREAL_Ricard_tigrelab (0-28-42-01)
UNREAL_Ricard_tigrelab (1-06-38-03)
UNREAL_Ricard_tigrelab (1-06-25-13)
UNREAL_Ricard_tigrelab (0-28-44-05)
Pernod Ricard XR Tigrelab Virtual Production 23
UNREAL_Ricard_tigrelab (1-06-29-03)

Bottle Show Transitions

The first of the transitions featured a product video showcasing 17 different bottles of the brand. These were cut rhythmically into the environments in a very sculptural expository way.



Pernod Ricard


Auditoire - Paris

Account director Auditoire

Pauline Ghossein

Project manager Auditoire

Julie Beuve-Mery

Executive producer Auditoire

Gregory Fabbris

Creative technologist Auditoire

Briac Guillas


Benjamin Cap

Technical Partner

Pure View XR Studio


Creative Directors

Mathieu Felix
Federico Gonzalez
Javier Pinto

Project Manager

Camila Araujo

Unreal Artists

Antonio Nieto
Daniel Guillen
Juan Pablo Salinas
Ferran Belda
Jonathan Barrera

Graphic Designer

Daniel Guillen
Guillermo Lizarzuay

Producer Assistant

Vanesa Palmeri