SOLID / Cupra Sensorial Experience


Mysterious, dramatic, dark, organic, natural and warm and extreme.

The installation is a work that is part of the Cupra Sensorial Experience in which we explore the nature and beauty of the raw materials.

Intensity games with monochromatic light make the natural environment in which we find ourselves. We recreated a landscape where the raw material and the natural were the protagonists.

We manually build a large rock with recycled and sustainable elements, install it in the middle of a cave and surround it with bluetooth lights and laser projection.


  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Coding
  • Touch Designer
  • Notch Design
  • Unreal
Tigrelab_CORE 2_1

Technical Development

For this installations, we where in charge of the design, programming and the in place control of the more than 120 devices.

In the Development Stage the combo TouchDesigner + UnrealEngine was key. TouchDesiner offered us the tool for flexible design, animation, control and DMX enconding while UnrealEngine gave us the possibility of preview the content in real-time.
This workflow allowed us to have a fully functional DMX Control at the very beginning of the event, with the edition flexibility that TouchDesigner offered to did changes on the fly.
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SOLID-5-DEF-PRORES (0-00-35-11)_cc
SOLID-5-DEF-PRORES (0-00-30-20)_cc
SOLID-5-DEF-PRORES (0-00-12-19)_cc
SOLID-5-DEF-PRORES (0-00-43-06)_cc
SOLID-5-DEF-PRORES (0-00-54-07)_cc




SEAT Design Team

Francesca Senegalli
Jordi Font Ferres
Carolina Gomez Sanchez
Amanda Gomez Sanchez
Vasile Ganea

AV Technical Team

Custom Project

Technical Project Manager

Germán Burgalés

Technical Director

Martí Cortijos

Manufacturing & Construction Team


Technical Construction Direction

Juan Roberto Vásquez

Technical Construction Project Manager

Miriam Ribuffo


Creative Direction

Javier Pinto
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix

Producer & Project Manager

Camila Araujo Vasquez

Creative Coders

Ferran Belda Montes
Daniel Guillen

Notch Artists

Antonio Nieto Moreno
Juan Pablo Salinas
Daniel Guillen

Sound Designer

Ferran Belda

On-site Creative Coder

Joan Sandoval

On-site Production Assistant

Katarina Grbric