Cupra Experience / PLASMA


Cupra design team called us to present their 2022 innovations to the board but in a newer unconventional format.
Tigrelab was in charge of the whole event from the creative proposal, direction, production, management, design, technique, construction, coding and mise en place, in order to display prototypes and samples revealing them through three immersive installations.
We created a museum-like Sensorial Experience that explored from the underneath to the above. A path from the structural solid materials of a car, covered up by fluid endless textiles of the interiors, finishing with a touch of light, or plasma, the intangible additional value.
Hence, from here, the three spaces: Solid, Fluid and Plasma.


  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Coding
  • Touch Designer
  • Notch Design
  • Unreal

Overview / Plasma

This is an installation that represents the digital, the future, the cathartic and ethereal, the chromatic and kinetic.We created an immersive stage with a large 180 degree semicircular screen that alternated between projection and backlighting to explore with the intangible, a chromatic evolution in continuous transformation.With vibrant and intense colors in a digital world based on kinetic movements according to the brand’s new visual key

PLASMA-5-DEF-PRORES (0-04-10-13)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (04508)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (02180)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (01569)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (03603)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (00419)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (04462)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (04144)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (05517)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (04736)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (05127)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA (06935)_1
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (03251)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (06340)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (06732)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (06889)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (06959)
TIGRELAB_Cupra_Sensorial_PLASMA 2 (02420)




SEAT Design Team

Francesca Senegalli
Jordi Font Ferres
Carolina Gomez Sanchez
Amanda Gomez Sanchez
Vasile Ganea

AV Technical Team

Custom Project

Technical Project Manager

Germán Burgalés

Technical Director

Martí Cortijos

Manufacturing & Construction Team


Technical Construction Direction

Juan Roberto Vásquez

Technical Construction Project Manager

Miriam Ribuffo


Creative Direction

Javier Pinto
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix

Producer & Project Manager

Camila Araujo Vasquez

Creative Coders

Ferran Belda Montes
Daniel Guillen

Notch Artists

Antonio Nieto Moreno
Juan Pablo Salinas
Daniel Guillen

On-site Creative Coder

Joan Sandoval

On-site Production Assistant

Katarina Grbric