Com Va la Vida

In November 2011, TV3 produced a series of two very special interviews featuring the scientist Eduard Punset and the presenter Andreu Buenafuente talking about a range of issues concerning everyday life, set against a video mapping projection measuring almost 100 m2. The program was a loud success: each of the two episodes achieved an audience of 22.5% with really positive reviews in the press and the media. Tigrelab was chosen to develop the contents projected in a wall measuring 24mts x 3.5mts. The program was recorded in front of a studio audience allowing Buenafuente and Punset to talk comfortably while they were transported without moving from their seats, from a Modernist library to a building in New York, based on where their conversation took them. The lighting team and stage design team worked together to put the video mapping contents as the protagonist of the show. Tigrelab proposed an audio-reactive background developed by WeLoveCode using Processing. This broke a new ground in the field of interactive set design for television. The system was reactive, allowing the images to change depending of what it was being said.


Client: TV3
Location: TV3 Studios, Barcelona

Production: TV3 / Tigrelab
Director: Pauli Subirà (TV3)
Ejecutive Producer: Txari Sancho and Diana Dominguez (TV3)
Set Design: Santi Traïd (TV3)
Art Direction, Direction and Animation: Tigrelab
Audio-Reactive application: WeLoveCode
Mapping Technic: Area Técnica
Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Fritz Gnad
Adrian Smith
Erik Berlin