Casa de la Memoria

The director Lluis Danés invited Tigrelab to collaborate on a theater play about the Spanish victims of the nazis. La casa de las Memorias mixed contemporary flamenco dance, live music, Leds and Video mapping. The set consists on a frame of a minimalist house with semitransparent walls. We projected on this structure from different angles turning it into another protagonist of the play. The edges of the house were covered with LED stripes, that were synchronized with the projection. This gave the structure a layer and light effect that made it more peculiar and different.


Location: Capella MACBA, Barcelona
Direction / Set Design: Lluís Danés
Production: Santamandra Produccions
Original music:
Xavi Lloses
Technical Director: Xavi Gilbert
2D, 3D and LEDs contents: Tigrelab
Leds Mapping: Proto Pixel
Lighting design: Joan Teixidó “Teixi”
Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Daniel Avila
Jordi Dalmau