After exposing our beloved TripTik at the MIRA Festival, the dancer and choreographer Nuria Guiu requested if she could use it with customed contents on her newest theater performance: SPAM. Spam researches around the massive wave of “junk information” to which we are exposed nowadays. The piece explores the lack of space; physically through the bodies in movement, visually through the layered colors and images expressed by TripTik and its dialog with live music created by Shoeg. TripTik is the result of the creative collaboration between ProtoPixel and Tigrelab.


Direction & choreography: Núria Guiu

Dancers: Ariadna Montfort, Patricia Vàzquez, Annamari Keskinen, Núria Guiu
Music: Shoeg
Stage Design and Pixel Mapping: Protopixel + Tigrelab
Light: Jordi Baldó
Costume: Silvia Delagneau
In Collaboration with: Anna Hierro i Clàudia Brufau
With the support of: La Caldera, Institut del teatre de Barcelona
Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Daniel Garrote
Daniel Avila