Alice is a 18 minutes performance mixing contemporary dance, dynamic light, scenography and video. Born from a collaboration between Tigrelab and the choreographer Núria Guiu, with original music from Thomas Vaquié.
Alice through the mirror pictures the duality of the body, confronted to the new technologies and social networks. We can be anywhere, anytime, virtually duplicated.
This show explores the infinite possibilities of different identities we are offered. This central question remains: where is my body in this timeless space?

It is a dialogue between Light, Performance and Sound.
We used a Custom DMX software , developed by our friends and technological partners ProtoPixel, to control in an organic way the 32 motorized light beams composing the changing light scenography.

Alice premiere was at FIMA Festival in Morelia, Mexico.


Client: FIMA
Location: Morelia, Mexico
Original Concept: Tigrelab Direction
Visuals and Motion Design: Tigrelab
Choreography: Nuria Guiu
Audio composer: Thomas Vaquié
Dancers: Nuria Guiu, Antonella Sampieri
Custom DMX software: Proto Pixel


Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto
Dan Garotte
Teaser edit: Carlos Navarro