swimmming world championship palau

Swimming World Championship


To celebrate the 2013 World Aquatics Championship in Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona), the ceremony director Hansel Cereza alongside RPM Events asked us to create a 20-minute video mapping projection for the opening ceremony. The creative content was centered on the transformation and evolution of our planet thanks to water.


  • Art Direction
  • CGI
  • Projection Mapping


The raw, grey video mapping transformed itself during the ceremony into a contemplative, lush and lively landscape. 60 acrobats, 150 children and more than 400 volunteers took part in the ceremony. The projection surface consisted of stands for 400 people and a surface area of 32m x 10m, with a 9.5m x 6.5m LED screen, and a 16m x 8.5m projection screen.

Tigrelab_Swimming Word Championships_01
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World Aquatics Championship


Palau San Jordi, Barcelona

Director of ceremony

Hansel Cereza



RPM Events

Art Direction, Creative Direction and Animation


Projection Technic



Creative Direction

Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Joan Molins
Alex Pachon
Mariane Paoletti
Hector Enkalado