Nomada invited us to participate at the 10th consecutive Sharjah Light Festival 2020. For this occasion we presented Planets at the University City Hall, an installation that combines video mapping with the experience of augmented reality.
Planets proposed an exciting journey through an interactive universe that allows participants to use technology to stretch the boundaries of the building beyond its walls, interacting with the planets and modifying the characteristics of the show. The public had the capacity to alter the rhythm of this trip for a certain time, being able to alter their properties and at the same time generating a rich audiovisual experience. While this is happening, the rest of the public enjoyed uninterruptedly the augmented reality experience through the APP installed on their mobile.



  • Show Concept
  • Interactive Table
  • Interactive Content
  • Interactive Sound
  • AR App


To control visuals in real time, we used a hybrid between physical and gesture controller through buttons and a Leap Motion mapped to specific action on the visuals.
We used Ableton to create the interactive sound and the visual content was generated by Notch software.
For the augmented reality experience, we developed a multiplatform mobile application (Android & iOS) that allowed us to see the surrounding universe of each of our planets. For this we developed a system that allowed us to synchronize the content generated with Notch in the mapping with the content that was executed in the application through the use of Firebase as intermediate server.
The application detects the user’s geolocation using the phone’s GPS and allows to take pictures, videos and share them with everyone on social networks. 





Sharjah Light Festival 2020

Organized by

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism
Development Authority

SLF Artistic Direction, Production & Technical Engineering

Nomada, Les Arts Nomades CIE


Creative Direction

Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Notch Designer

Dan Garotte
Daniel Guillén
Filip Roca


Vanesa Palmeri

Creative Coder

Ferran Belda
Daniel Guillén

App Designer

Daniel Guillén

AR Developer

Nacho Cosio

Music & Sound Design

Sound Object