Orona´s Showroom Videomapping

Our friends from Indisoluble called us to design and create a video mapping for a showroom at the Headquarters of Orona.
We made the design and production of a 5 minute video that was projected on a large curved surface made of triangles. On this video we explained the 5 key points of the company: Innovation, Product, Services, International, and Green.
The end result was an spectacular immersive experience that blew away the visitor thanks to the geometry and curve of the surface.


Client: Orona
Location: Headquarters of Orona

Direction & Production: Indissoluble (Juan Roberto Vásquez, Ernest Garriga, Fabio Alvino, Jordi Hernández, Marco Vásquez, Cristina García, Bet Garriga, Jordi Miró, Paula López, Paul Fontés, Miriam Ribuffo, Ángel Alcalá, Pablo Pariente)
Motion Graphic Design: Tigrelab

Tigrelab Team:
Federico Gonzalez
Mathieu Felix
Javier Pinto

Alex Palazzi