DNA of a Murder Opening Titles


Our Friends of Aggressive asked us to help them to create the opening titles for the latest true crime series from Oxigen TV: «The DNA of Murder». The director duo wanted to mix again cinematography and projection mapping, in order to use the light to create surreal spaces and to resemble a Film-Noir mood in a 30-second piece. The main objective was to build the entire sequence around experimental in-camera visual effects.


  • Technical Assistance
  • Art Direction
  • Animation
  • CGI
  • Motion Graphics


We started working together to gather references and mood images into a Pitch. We wanted to solve different scenes using projection techniques to create a mood and a coherent sequence to explain in the quest of Paul Holes solving cold cases crimes.
After getting awarded, we started to work in a really tight deadline to create all the visual content that would be used on set while recording. We created preview files for each shot to try to recreate the conditions of the set.
With a total of 8 key scenes, we produced specific animations to create a detective context to be used as content and lighting for the character on set.
It was a really interesting process to receive and re-compose a lot of visual material from old cold cases to create different designs.

DNA of murder_tigrelab
DNA of murder_tigrelab
DNA of murder_tigrelab
DNA of murder_tigrelab
DNA of murder_tigrelab
DNA of murder_tigrelab
DNA of murder_tigrelab(00477)
DNA of murder_tigrelab
DNA of murder_tigrelab




Directed, Production & VFX



Alex Topaller
Daniel Shapiro


Eli Born


Alex Aab

Production Designer

Geoff Flint

Technical Director

Brandon Epperson


Jason Yantz


Creative Direction

Mathieu Felix
Federico Gonzalez
Javier Pinto

3D Animation

Dan Garrote
Gerard Foix
Marcel Hita


Felipe Kenji
Carlos Arandia
Albert Sanz


Daniel Guillén

Concept Artist

Michal Sawtyruk

Post Production

Won Cha
Camila Araujo

Storyboard Artist

Mercer Boffey


Dominik Deras

Sound Design

Wesley Slover