The world of motion graphics and video mapping normally means you have to pitch to win a project. This results in making style frames and visual treatment for the new project. The initial part for the visual development usually means an evolution on every and each project we work on. Meaning that sometimes a really good idea may get lost in the process. Is not that it wasn’t good enough, it usually is that the project has made a turn and it doesn’t fit in anymore.
For this cases, we created this space to showcase some of our works that didn’t see the light because they ended before they could get animated or changed a lot from the original versions.
The below style frames are part of our personal and beloved collection of works done for our clients that couldn’t be finished but that we want to share with you. Whatever because we are very proud of the initial concept or because we like them. Enjoy!


Set 01 / Client: Aggressive / Project: Samsung S6 – Original Style Frames
Set 02 /  Client: Hugo & Marie / Project: Keisha “Stronger” – Original Style Frames
Set 03 / Client: Aggressive / Project: Bloomberg
Set 04 / Client: Aggressive / Project: Subway “Holliday”
Set 05 / Client: Aggressive / Project: HTC Director’s Cut
Set 06 / Client: Equipo Singular / Project: Undisclosed
Set 07 / Client: ClementineAuBureau / Project: Solvay Infographic Video
Set 08 / Client: Aggressive / Project: Bloomberg series – Original Style Frames
Set 09 / Client: Aggressive / Project: Nikon “Stream” – Original Style Frames
Set 10 / Client: Atlantic Records / Project: Nate Ruess “Ah Ha” – Original Style Frames
Set 11 / Client: Kim Robinson / Project: Pitch