Mutis / Tigrelab Collaborative Project / Call for Audio Entries

Thank you very much everyone who spread the message and who took part in our little little call for audio artist.We have received a big amount of inscriptions and the level of work sent was very high. Even if the decision was hard, we are glad to introduce you the 8 fantastic artist that will be a part of our mapping for the Signal Festival 2016:

Thomas Vaquie – France
Antfood – USA
Combustion – Brasil
Franck Desert – France
Benjamin Obrien – France
Hi Pitch – United Kingdom
DanCa – Italy
Sono Sanctus – USA

We are super excited to team up with such talent and we can not wait to see the end result to this piece. It’s going to be mind blowing for sure!


The 8 selected artist will be fully credited along Tigrelab on this piece.